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Division of Academic Affairs & Dean of the College

Mission Statement

Agnes Scott College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Carolyn J. Stefanco, manages the college’s academic program, which includes policies and procedures, the curriculum, faculty and faculty recruitment and review, budget management, academic advising, assessment, student disability services, and student success, as well as Dalton Gallery, Information Technology Services, International Education, McCain Library, the Registrar's Office, the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning, Summer School, and six student resource centers.

Associate Dean of the College James Diedrick oversees the academic advising and the registrar’s offices, academic assessment, faculty services, and science building operations, works with department chairs and program directors to recruit and evaluate part-time faculty, and directs special programs, including summer school and mentored research.

Associate Dean of International Education Jennifer Lund plans and coordinates academic international experience programs including Global Awareness and Global Connections, study abroad, international exchange programs for faculty and students, international internships; advises international students on visa issues; and coordinates visits of international faculty.

Assistant Dean of the College Jennifer Cannady supervises academic advising and student disability services and serves as director of academic advising & student success.

In partnership with students, faculty, and staff, the division:

  •  Encourages critical thinking about — and college policies and practices attuned to — issues of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, and nationality;
  • Supports student success and retention by providing opportunities for students to cultivate creativity, intellectual curiosity, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and global perspectives that will enable them to assume leadership roles in their careers and communities;
  • Provides infrastructure and support for information and instructional technology, as well as for library resources and information fluency;
  • Offers students a rich array of experiential learning opportunities including faculty-mentored research, study abroad, service learning, public service, and internships;
  • Enables professional development of faculty and staff by facilitating participation in professional organizations, academic and professional conferences, artistic exhibits and workshops, and seminars and classes;
  • Facilitates faculty and student research by identifying, providing, and managing internal and external sources of funding aimed at improving liberal arts teaching and scholarship.

The work of the Academic Affairs Division includes the following areas:

The Academic Affairs staff work closely with other administrative offices on campus, including Admission, Advancement, Business & Finance, and the Student Life. All office and staff are committed to cultivating creativity, integrity, leadership, citizenship, and awareness of global issues among our students. With a diverse student body, we recognize the importance of respecting students as individuals with unique needs, challenges and goals. We strive to help our students learn to assume personal responsibility for their actions while developing self-reliance and a passion for life-long learning.

Carolyn J. Stefanco
Carolyn J. Stefanco
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Professor of History and Women's Studies

James Diedrick
James Diedrick
Associate Dean of the College and Associate Vice President for Special Programs, Professor of English

Jennifer Cannady
Jennifer Cannady
Assistant Dean of the College and Director of Academic Advising & Student Success


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